Lean For Life – Dr Sabatino’s NEW Online Course


Lean For Life – After Helping Clients For Over 40 Years, Doctor Frank Sabatino Is Revealing His Secrets For Permanent Weight Loss For The First Time In An Online Course


Join Dr. Frank Sabatino to learn his unique, science-based “Lean For Life” protocol!

It’s a six week program and includes 5 content modules and 8 recorded Q&A sessions with Dr. Frank Sabatino!

Check out the details below or towards the end of the video and sign up here:

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You will have immediate access to everything but we recommend to do one module a week

“Lean For Life” – Outline

This program is for those who want to know the full picture! You’ll discover what external factors force your body to put on weight – and how to trigger your body to release the weight naturally and effortlessly. And because this approach is based on science and decades of experience, it’s predictable and safe… all you have to do is say yes, and give yourself this gift of a lifetime!

Module 1


One of the most common misconceptions is that a lean, strong body is made in the gym – it’s not! It’s made in the kitchen.

That’s why in the first week you’ll learn:

  • What to eat – and what not to eat (and why!)
  • A simplified approach that replaces the need to count calories (and it’s more effective)
  • The facts and dynamics of body fat (if you think it just sits there, you’ll be shocked to learn the truth)
  • Role of body fat/weight in chronic disease and cancer
  • 5 simple rules that solve all the mystery and misunderstandings surrounding nutrition

+ Recorded Q&A Session on Module 1


We recorded 8 live Q&A sessions when we ran the program in the past and you get access to every drop of this precious and valuable information.


Module 2


Standard diets completely disregard hormones which always backfires in the long-run, i.e. yo-yo dieting. That’s why you’ll learn about how to work with your hormones – this is especially important if you’re a woman over forty…

In week two:

  • Discover what causes “reactive weight gain” and how to prevent it (if you ever couldn’t explain why you were gaining weight or why so fast, this will change everything)
  • Replacing the outdated glycemic index (if you get this, you can safely eat all the “carbs” you want)
  • Why it’s crucial to eat until your satiated – and how to do that without overeating on calories
  • Sample meal plan you can easily customize
  • The hidden dangers of paleo and keto diets
  • Learn about gut health and satiety (they go hand in hand)

+ Recorded Q&A Session on Module 2


Module 3


While most weight loss programs focus on exercise to lose weight (a bad idea), movement and being active can help in weight regulation and maintaining your weight loss…

In week three:

  • Learn about the triangle of fitness (ignore just one of the three aspects and you’ll lose much of the benefit of exercise)
  • Why focusing on aerobic exercise is not the best strategy – especially when you’re over forty (and what to do instead!)
  • A simple solution to the loss of muscle mass
  • The Basic 8 resistance training regime to improve your strength and metabolism
  • The importance of your body’s set point for weight and how to influence that set point (do this and your body naturally wants to be at that healthy body weight)

+ Recorded Q&A Session on Module 3


After being overweight or obese for over fifty years, Chef AJ has lost all her excess weight in her fifties and kept it off since then. Since then she’s dedicated her life to helping others achieve the same. An excellent interviewer, she has moderated the Q&A sessions with Dr. Frank Sabatino.


Module 4


While you won’t lose weight just by sleeping, stress and poor sleep create a cascade of hormonal imbalances and biological processes that switch on your body fat-storing mechanisms, impede weight loss and ramp up your cravings…

In week three:

  • Discover how the mind-body connection works and how it impacts your ability to lose weight
  • How stress impacts when you should be eating (crucial and counter-intuitive)
  • What causes the problems of your thyroid and adrenal fatigue – and how to reverse it (both are major factors that set your biology to store and hold on to fat)
  • 5 factors associated with sleep deficiency that program your body for weight gain and junk food cravings
  • One minute breathing biofeedback technique to overcome food addiction and cravings
  • Doable tips to get better sleep and manage stress easily

+ Recorded Q&A Session on Module 4


You’ll be able to access all the modules and recordings of the live Q&A any time you want. And of course you’re free to go through the program multiple times for lasting changes.


Module 5


Losing weight doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our environment and how we interact with it play a huge role in your ability to lose weight.

In week five:

  • Setting healthy, achievable weight loss goals (do this and you’ll take the stress out of losing weight)
  • How to eliminate guilt, failure and deprivation from losing weight (and your life)
  • What causes food addiction (industrial food companies secretly take advantage of this biological mechanism) and how to overcome it
  • Gaining long-term control over your weight and regulating your body’s set-point
  • How environmental toxins contribute to obesity and how to protect yourself with smart food choices
  • Bringing it all together for lasting weight loss and health

+ Recorded Q&A Session on Module 5


Dr. Sabatino has a wealth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of healthy weight loss and you’ll get access to three recorded bonus Q&A sessions. Chances are that whatever question you may have, it’s already been answered.


At 52 Chef AJ learned what you’re about to discover. It’s allowed her to lose 50 pounds after decades of being overweight and obese and despite being a self-proclaimed food addict.

Answer this…

  • Do you struggle to lose weight despite your best efforts?
  • Have you yo-yoed before or found that keeping the weight off is even harder than losing it?
  • Do you struggle with cravings at times that seemingly come out of nowhere?
  • Do you find that you eat when you’re stressed or tired?

If you said yes to any of those questions your body may be biologically programmed to gain weight or retain it.

But once you know the science of weight loss, you can reset your body and it will naturally find back to it’s healthy weight.

That’s why we’ve created this course – because it will enable you to see the full picture and make the tweaks that will trigger your body to release the excess weight…

Join This Outstanding Course With Dr Frank Sabatino

Today – only $97

This is for you if…

You’re done yo-yoing and prefer to lose weight predictably and safely for the long-term

You’re done starving yourself because you know from experience that once you starve yourself, the cravings will take over eventually

You’re done counting calories and want a solution that is based on science, not some simplified math model that doesn’t work in the real world

You or someone you care about is suffering from one of the chronic diseases linked to unhealthy eating like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or depression

You want the whole picture – you want to finally understand how and why the body gains weight (it’s not as simple as counting calories) so you can solve this problem once and for all

You want to leave the guilt, frustration and shame behind once and for all

If that resonates with you, you’ll absolutely love this program – or your money back!

Lean For Life – Reset Your Body And Lifestyle For Effortless, Permanent Weight Loss

Here’s what you get:

  • 5 in-depth modules designed to help you understand and master all facets of weight loss
  • 5 corresponding recorded Q&A calls – one per module
  • Extended bonus Q&A
  • Lifetime access to everything
  • 30 day money back guarantee

30 Day Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee

When you order today, you’re protected by our 100% Better Than Money Back Guarantee.

Here is how it works:

You don’t have to decide right now whether or not this program is for you. Simply jump in, take full advantage of everything and if at any point during the first 30 days you aren’t thrilled with your investment just let us know for a full, prompt refund.

And in case you do ask for a refund anything you’ve already downloaded is yours to keep!

That means not only do you get your investment back, you also get to keep anything you’ve downloaded already as a thank you for letting us be part of your journey.


Dr Fran Sabatino

About Frank Sabatino, DC, Ph.D.

Dr. Frank Sabatino is an expert on comprehensive, long-term solutions and lifestyle strategies for solving the pandemic of obesity.

Dr. Frank Sabatino is the past Health Director of the Shangri-La Natural Hygiene Institute in Bonita Springs , FL, the Regency Health Resort and Spa in Hallandale, FL and Health Director-Owner of Ocean Jade Retreat in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, where he cared for, lectured and inspired thousands of people over the past 40 years. He is currently the director of the Balance for Life Retreat Program in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Balance for Life Retreat is a vegan lifestyle education center specializing in plant-based vegan nutrition, health rejuvenation, stress management and therapeutic fasting and detoxification.

Dr. Sabatino is a Chiropractic physician who also has a Ph.D. in cell biology and neuroendocrinology from the Emory University School of Medicine. The book of his original research on the effects of brain peptides on the regulation of reproductive hormones was published in 1988. While an assistant professor at the University of Texas School of Medicine, he did extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress and aging, and has published a number of major scientific papers in some of the most well-respected peer reviewed journals in the fields of cell biology, aging, endocrinology and neuroscience.

He has also written numerous articles for lay magazines and journals in the areas of clinical nutrition, healthy weight loss, women’s hormones, stress management, addiction and healthy aging. He has been featured in a variety of books, news articles, and cable TV programs including CNN.

Dr. Sabatino is a past member of the prestigious Brookdale fellowship in Gerontology and Aging. As a member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians, he is also widely recognized as an expert in water-only fasting and integrative health care.

He is also a proponent of Oriental energy arts and a long time teacher and student of tai-chi and qi gong.


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